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Mindfulness at work has been shown time and time again to increase individual wellbeing. In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness, paying attention to the present moment. The roots of mindfulness sit firmly in Buddhism but it is increasingly being used in a secular form by individuals, companies and organisations to improve resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. In the current economic climate leaders, teams and individuals are increasingly being asked to do more with less, using mindfulness at work offers a way to manage such changes effectively.

Regular mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict. Findings from neuroscience have also demonstrated increased resilience, improved communication and emotional intelligence with regular mindfulness practice. Feedback from our mindfulness programmes has consistently demonstrated a positive improvement in stress reduction, resilience and team cohesion.

Individuals practising mindfulness also report an increase in empathy, improved confidence and ultimately, improved relationships with colleagues, friends and family.

Leading companies such as Google, Deutcshe Bank, Transport for London, and the NHS are successfully using groundbreaking mindfulness programmes in their organisations with phenomenal results;

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